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Mayfly boards now available on Amazon

We are excited to announce that our Mayfly Data Logger boards are now available for purchase on Amazon!

Mayfly Data Logger Board

Mayfly Data Logger Starter Kit

We’ve also published new information about the boards and the kits on a dedicated support page, visit:

EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger Support.



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David Luscombe
8 years ago

Great to see these are now available. Unfortunately i’m in the UK and amazon doesn’t appear willing to ship this item internationally. Is there any likelihood that you will be able to ship internationally in the near future?

Reply to  David Luscombe
8 years ago

These look really promising. I second Davids comment though. I would very much like to test the Mayfly but Amazon are not allowing shipping to the UK.

8 years ago

Great! Looking forward to getting my hands on a couple of these.

A basic question about power:
Ideally, we would like to use 12V ~7aH AGM lead acid batteries to power the Mayfly instead of the 3.7V LiPo. We are planning to use the Mayfly for a pretty power intensive sapflux installation that requires small heaters to be powered directly off of 12V batteries. If we could use the 12V battery to also power the Mayfly that would be ideal.

1. Is it possible to power the Mayfly with a non LiPo battery? What about a voltage >3.7? I know that the Uno can accept 7-12V, but I don’t see an obvious Vin port in the pictures of the Mayfly.

2. I assume that the LiPo battery charging capabilities that are built in to the Mayfly are not suited for a Lead Acid AGM charging, correct? Do you have any suggestions for a low cost charge controller? We have used sunsavers in the past, but I’d love to hear any other suggestions.


Danny Waz
8 years ago

Neat! I’m looking forward to trying this out! I believe it will help me to get around some limitations of the proprietary logger I’m using and allow me to make sensor installations that would not be economically viable otherwise.

Steve Roberts
7 years ago

Is there any more info on availability in Europe ? Nothing on Sodaq website and I’ve emailed them but no response.

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