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Installing an EnviroDIY Mayfly Sensor Station

The EnviroDIY Mayfly Sensor Station is one of many possible designs for environmental science and monitoring using the Mayfly Data Logger, a low-cost, open-source hardware solution for connecting with environmental sensors, recording measurements, and relaying data to the internet. See the manual for complete instructions on programming, building, installing, and managing an EnviroDIY Mayfly Sensor Station.

Step 1: Choose Location, Initial Steps for Deployment

Step 2: Prepare Logger Box for Installation on Land

Step 3: Assemble Logger Box and Attach to Pole

Step 4: Attach Sensor Bundle, Run and Secure Wires

Step 5: Attach Solar Panel and Make Final Adjustments

EnviroDIY Webinar: California Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network

Stroud Water Research Center Executive Director David Arscott demonstrates how EnviroDIY.org is a resource for do-it-yourself, real-time, low-cost environmental monitoring.

Computer Science Students Collect Real-Time Data With Mayfly Data Logger

As part of the Milton Hershey School’s Agriculture and Environmental Education pathway, the students are taking the computer science skills they learn in the classroom and applying them to real-world problems in the field. Read more

Webinar Video

The Penn State Water Resources Extension webinar on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, discussed EnviroDIY.org: A Resource for Do-It-Yourself, Real-Time, Low-Cost Environmental Monitoring Solutions.