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Low-Cost Stream “Tower Sampler”

By Marion Waggoner and Dave Yake Background We (Save Our Water) started a program to monitor the Broad Run stream in late 2014 with the primary objective of establishing a base line of stream flow throughout the year in the event that anticipated commercial pumping of a well located in the aquifer underlying the stream began to affect the stream flow and quality. The Broad Run is a small tributary...[Read More]

Building a Continuous Temperature Logger with the EnviroDIY Mayfly

This document outlines what you will need to build a Continuous Temperature Logger with the EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger. This is a great EnviroDIY starter project and utilizes the Mayfly Data Logger and a OneWire Temperature Sensor.

Geographical Scaling Modular Sensors

Modular Sensors library of sensors interfaces is fantastic. Sara’s classes form a backbone of data flowing from the sensors to the cloud(s), all running on the low cost, solar powered Mayfly. Thanks Shannon and Sara and many others who help teach about Modular Sensors. I was able to extend the Keller Acculevel Class to a Keller Nanolevel device easily, and I’m working on the Insitu SDI-12 interfac...[Read More]

Monitoring Coastal Streams With the Mayfly Data Logger and Atlas Scientific Sensors

Adam Gold from the University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences explains how the unique characteristics of coastal streams influenced his monitoring station design.

Streamlining EnviroDIY

On February 3, 2020, we will be turning off two community features on EnviroDIY: status updates and interest groups. We are doing this mainly to streamline the user experience.

How-To Videos for River Monitoring

This collection of videos produced by the Stroud Center will help jump-start your water monitoring efforts.