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An Autonomous Lighted Insect Trap to Assess Aquatic Ecosystem Health

University of Wisconsin mechanical engineering students are developing a digital insect light trap to assess insect populations cheaper, faster, and better than current methods.

New in Monitor My Watershed: Organization Site Ownership

This is just one of many improvements planned for Monitor My Watershed, including significant performance improvements and new batch upload capabilities.

N Ca Mayflys through the winter storms

Following on from the phased deployment  envirodiy.org/mayflys-in-coastal-redwoods-northern-california I’m pleased the way my fork of ModularSensors has been working with the winter storms, in incised  riparian locations with lots of vegetation around and challenging cell phone connections. The real-world in streams on the West Coast USA. Though when I dig deeper into some of the nodes d...[Read More]

Mayflies in Coastal Redwoods – Northern California

I’ve completed a deployment of remote telemetry monitoring of depth gauges with the purpose of visualizing depth readings for Trout Unlimited California.

How a Nascent Internet of Water Gave Rise to the State-of-the-Science in Sensor Data Sharing

Data producers willing to share their data are the foundation of the Internet of Water, but first and foremost, that data must serve the needs of the data producer.

Open Data and Open Hardware: Tools for Collaborative Solutions to Water Challenges

Open hardware for water monitoring, combined with a national network of technical support for community science enabled by powerful web-based data sharing and management tools, is leading a revolution in solving water pollution problems.