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Precision Sensor Board Update

IMG_0511       IMG_0512

I have continued working on this project and found a probe cover and cable housing. By not using the back of the cable housing I’ve been able to modify a RM Young 41390 Sensor Junction Box and make a usable Pressure, Temp, Humidity device to fit inside the multi-plate radiation shields.

I’ve made some changes to the board connections so that it will solder to the probe housing vice through hole connectors and have protos for those on order.

One thing to note here is that all sensors are I2C so there may be some distance issues I have to test as I move forward. The bottom of the sensor junction box has a place to install a board so might be good to install a custom arduino or teensy to convert all the sensor readings from I2C to a RS-232 csv string to a master controller. I’ll wait to see if that’s really needed.

Original post located here: http://envirodiy.org/precision-sensor-board/

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Shannon Hicks
8 years ago

What’s the supply voltage (Vcc) of this board? I’m wondering if you designed it for a 5-volt I2C bus like the Uno, or if it’ll work with 3.3v systems, like the Mayfly or Raspberry Pi.

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