Welcome to EnviroDIY, a community for do-it-yourself environmental science and monitoring. EnviroDIY is part of WikiWatershed, a web toolkit designed to help citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, researchers, educators, and students advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water. New to EnviroDIY? Start here


EnviroDIY.org launched at AGU Meeting

“Having thousands of people watching our environment 24/7 and sharing those observations with the world can transform the way we monitor and protect environmental resources.” — Anthony Aufdenkampe, Ph.D., Stroud Water Research Center An online community for do-it-yourself environmental monitoring enthusiasts will eventually help environmental scientists and planners around the globe better observe...[Read More]

DIY Christmas!

Just for something completely different: DIY Christmas! While we’re using Arduinos and sensors to monitor the natural world, other people are using them to make awesome choreographed Christmas light displays. I have to admit, my husband got sucked in by GE’s iTwinkle Christmas Tree and thinks it’s pretty cool that he can control the color of its lights via Bluetooth. But we just have nothing...[Read More]

Emerging Technologies

Implementing large-scale sensor deployment for watershed assessment has previously been limited by the high cost of the datalogging and communication infrastructure. We're overcoming these obstacles.

Welcome to EnviroDIY

Welcome to our blog on dataloggers, sensors, and other open source hardware projects.  We have created this site as a way of sharing our ideas, designs, and source code so other researchers and hobbyists can follow along with what we are developing.  Hopefully this will be a collaborative effort where we can trade knowledge and build some innovative new hardware projects together. During the first...[Read More]

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