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  • Hi guys,

    I am looking for low-cost methods to measure stage in rivers and streams, and was wondering if anyone has had any success?  Neil’s transducers look great, but are too expensive for our needs.  The goal is to develop a rating curve and use it to calculate loads.

    Has anyone had any success with cheap pressure transducers available on A…[Read more]

  • Hi Neil,

    We are looking at developing a network of Mayfly stations for characterizing a catchment, with three tiers of sensor quality.  The top tier (~10% of stations) would have top-standard sensors, and would be used to calculate loads at the bottom of the catchment, or investigate interesting signatures at certain sites.  The middle tier (…[Read more]

  • Hi Neil,

    How did your experiment go?  Have you managed any field deployments?

    I’m looking at options for developing a DIY conductivity sensor, to go along with DIY turbidity and depth/pressure.  Ideally it would be calibrated, but relative conductivity might be okay.




  • Hi Nathan & Sara,

    I have just purchased an ISCO 6700 auto-sampler to collect some storm flow samples in my region, with the intention of using the data to supplement load calculations.  I would like to set this up so that it will trigger when a measured variable crosses a pre-defined threshold.  I would also like to be able to trigger remotely b…[Read more]

  • Hi Sara,

    Alas, no light.  I think that explains why I haven’t had any luck! And why the guys at the university passed it on to me to see if I could get it to work.

    Thanks for your help.





  • Hi Sara & Shannon,

    Thank you for your quick reply.  Answers to/comments on your questions are as follows:

    • How are you attaching your XBee to the computer?   – I am attaching the XBee to the Mayfly via a LTE module.
    • Are you plugged into the USB-C port, not the side microUSB?  – I am plugged into the microUSB on the mayfly.  This is plugg…

    [Read more]

  • Hi,

    My name is James.  I am working with a team in New Zealand to deploy Mayfly logging stations at numerous sites in my region.

    I have been given an XBee – R410M modem and I am attempting to use it to send data to MMW.  I have read through many of the existing forum posts about problems that people have experienced, and have modified the pins t…[Read more]