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Mayfly with Xbee MTech mDot LoRa module

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      Dale Drummond

        I’ve been working on getting a Mayfly working with an MTech mDot LoRa module. I cannot get any readable text back from the module even after trying all the different baud rates. Does any

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        Shannon Hicks
          I’m not familiar with that module, but the specs say that its default baud rate is 115200, so you should set your “modemBaud” rate in the sketch to match that, so something like:
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          Dale Drummond
            Hi Shannon,

            Thanks for the reply. I have tried every baud rate for the modemBaud setting. I just tried again with 115200. I get a slightly different response but unfortunately, it’s still not r

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              Hi @ddrummonrtp and @aufdenkampe,

              I’m interested in using these mDot modules to connect with the Helium network.

              Dale or Anthony, would you mind posting your code to integrate mDot modules wit

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                I’ve been chewing and reading about LoRa for some time, and just recently been reviewing as part of student engineering project the data flow for LoRa  and LoRaWan to TTN (The Things Network) a
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