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Mayfly with Xbee MTech mDot LoRa module

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      Dale Drummond


        I’ve been working on getting a Mayfly working with an MTech mDot LoRa module. I cannot get any readable text back from the module even after trying all the different baud rates. Does anyone have this module working with their Mayfly? If so, can you share your sketch on the pin and board setup? I think I have everything configured correctly, but I can’t figure out why I am not getting good output from the Serial1 read. Below is the text I get.

        I have attached a copy of my sketch. Any pointers are appreciated.


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        Shannon Hicks

          I’m not familiar with that module, but the specs say that its default baud rate is 115200, so you should set your “modemBaud” rate in the sketch to match that, so something like:

          Was that the value you changed in your sketch?  Because it’s set at 9600 in the example you attached.  Have you successfully communicated with the LoRa module by itself, outside of the Mayfly, by using just a basic bee carrier board?

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          Dale Drummond

            Hi Shannon,

            Thanks for the reply. I have tried every baud rate for the modemBaud setting. I just tried again with 115200. I get a slightly different response but unfortunately, it’s still not readable.

            I don’t have a basic bee carrier card. I will order one and see what the response is from the module there.

            Thanks again for the reply!


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              Hi @ddrummonrtp and @aufdenkampe,

              I’m interested in using these mDot modules to connect with the Helium network.

              Dale or Anthony, would you mind posting your code to integrate mDot modules with the Mayfly?

              Thanks for your help!





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                I’ve been chewing and reading about LoRa for some time, and just recently been reviewing as part of student engineering project the data flow for LoRa  and LoRaWan to TTN (The Things Network) and then to ubidots.

                LoRa is designed as a long distance wireless protocol, however its also has constrained packet size.

                So it seems to me, at this stage LoRaWan/TTN  is incompatible with MMW, as the POST to MMW use UUIDs for variables, which is a lot of overhead.


                So for LoRaWan/TTN to MMW, it would need some form of COAP support on the TTN gateway. A way of associating the KEYs and UUID, on the Mayfly, to be transmitted and stored on the TTN gateway.

                To phrase it simply, the LoRa packet are small, to allow them to be delivered wirelessly over a long distance. To do that the variable need to be encode into the packet, and then on the TTN gateway decoded from the packet into a JSON format.

                The Arduino.Cc offering has some good explanations https://docs.arduino.cc/learn/communication/lorawan-101

                Though maybe somebody has figured it out, and we’ll all be pleasantly surprised  and amazed 🙂

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