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Help Please: MaxBotix Sonar MB7386 not creating data on SD card

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      Vinay Ayala


        I finally connected to MMWS and my mayfly data logger is sending data continuously to MMWS. Thank you @Shicks for your guidance. Now I am trying to connect the MaxBotix utrasonic sensor MB 7386. I compiled the code there is internet connection but no data is logged from this sensor. When I run code for Sonar.ino code I am getting “Good result”. I connected Maxbotix serial data output Pin 5 to Mayfly pin D5, MaxBotix power pin (pin 6) to the Vcc pin next to Mayfly pin D5 and the MaxBotix power pin (pin 7) to the ground pin near Mayfly pin D5. I have the 12v battery power attached and also usb connected.

        Any idea on why the MMW is not getting data now if I add this sensor code?


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        Rory G

          Ah, I’m not able to help as I don’t code.

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          Shannon Hicks

            Are you at least getting the ultrasonic sensor data to be stored on the microSD memory card but not on the website, or are you not getting any data from the ultrasonic sensor, even in the serial string that gets printed to the serial monitor after every reading?

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            Vinay Ayala

              The data is not being stored on the memory card. I think my code is incorrect is there a MaxBotix example that anyone successfully was able to run and pass data to the SD Card and MMW that I can look at? In my code I think I need to do something else to get output from Sensor to this SonarSerial … I simply gave the PIN number here … it might be the issue


          Viewing 3 reply threads
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