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    I am confused on how we get the 0.1875 conversion factor for the 16-bit ADC. Does it operate on a different voltage? In my mind, if the board operates at 3.3 volts and there are 65,535 bits, then you would be multiplying the analog reading by 3300 mV / 65,535 bits, which is 0.050 mV / bit.

    I’m asking because I am looking at connecting two apogee thermopile pyranometers and two thermopile pyrgeometers to the Mayfly (which will require more than four analog pins), and I am curious if the 10-bit ADC would have sufficient resolution for some of the sensors. Once I know how many millivolts are represented in each bit, do I just compare the ADC resolution with the sensors’ sensitivity, or what is the best way to make sure that I am using an ADC that has a good enough resolution for my sensor?