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James P

  • Hi @jp – I only install 2.5W or for a shady location I upgrade to 10W.   Can you share the site that is publishing on, and can see how fast the power went down.

    The non recharge batteries could work – but you need to do a lot more power calculations to understand how long they will work.  4 batteries (4*1.6V =6V) will work for a boost plugged in…[Read more]

  • @jp  thanks for sharing – power is a challenge when there isn’t enough of it. Finding enough power for your systems is the easiest step, – that is upsizing the solar panels, and ensuring they have enough solar aspect this time of year.

    Just wondering, what is the standard kit that you have and source- sounds like you have the Mayfly 1.1 – what…[Read more]