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Arduino DataLogger Board

Wanted to share my most recent attempt at a customized Arduino based (Mega2560) data logger board.  I’ve used a Silicon Labs CP2104 USB interface and also contains:

-DS3231 RTC with Battery B/U

-uSD Card

-4MB MRAM (SPI interface)

– 3 Serial Port Headers (3.3V/5V) **I left Serial dedicated to the USB, but Serial1, 2, and 3 are avail.

-3.3V/5V I2C headers

-3.3V/5V SPI headers

All digital pins pushed out to screw terminals.

This board has the standard Arduino Mega bootloader and can use the Arduino IDE as if it were a normal Mega2560. I’ve also made the width of the board long enough to fit these DIN Rail style board holders for larger enclosure usage.DIN RAIL CCA Holders


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8 years ago

Is this board available somewhere ?

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