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    Hi @ckillen, The Bee socket on the Mayfly makes it easy for the Mayfly to hook up with any radio with that connection/communication protocol. The socket can be used for several types of radios, including the 2G one that you have, WIFI radios, and the new XBee3 by Digi, that supports LTE-M communication (https://www.digi.com/pdf/ds_xbee3-cellular-lte-m.pdf). @w3asa, have you looked into this LTE-M radio? I think it will work with my existing hologram.io SIM plans and data rates.

    I think the XBee3 is the route to use if you are no longer covered by 2G. My understanding is that T-Mobile is keeping their 2G coverage until ~2020, but if you don’t have their coverage, it’s not going to expand to cover you in the next couple of years. Here’s a 2G coverage map: https://orion.freeus.com/coverage-map.aspx.

    I’ll keep plugging away on the instructional for logging to data.envirodiy, but it will probably be after September 10… because I have two proposal deadlines before then!


    P.S. @ckillen Are you using a sensor with the ADS1115 chip? This is an analog to digital converter that shows up in ~3 sensors in the logging to envirodiy sketch. If not, your error message sounds like you need to “turn it off” by commenting those sensors out. I use “Command-/” after text is selected on my Mac. I suspect PC has a similar keyboard shortcut.