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Jim Moore

  • The Mayfly has 3 hardware interrupts. They are RXD1 (INT0), TXD1 (INT1), and D10 (INT2). To use the “attachInterrupt” function, you can only use the three hardware interrupt pins, and you have to refer to them as “0”, “1”, or “2”. So if you want to use the D10 interrupt pin, you’ll need to say the following on line 8:

    attachInterrupt(2,…[Read more]

  • Jim Moore posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    I tried out the “Sleeping Mayfly logger example” and after I had installed the needed libraries and the sketch compiled I got an “SD card missing” error. The problem was that SD_SS_PIN in the example was 11. Worked fine when I changed it to 12. Is this the case for all Mayfly boards or was there a revision somewhere?
    While playing with this…[Read more]

  • Your code looks close to what I am trying to do with the Atlas sensors. However, it wouldn’t compile due to missing SDI12.h library. Is this just for the SDI-12 protocol which I am not using for the Atlas senors?