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  • Oscamo posted an update in the group Sensor Developers 3 years, 11 months ago

    Following up on @roryg ‘s earlier post – what are the actual ranges of turbidity that you guys see in the field? The Campbell probes claim to measure 0.5-4000 NTU, do you see the full dynamic range in the field? How accurate is “good enough” ?


  • Hm. Thanks @srgdamiano, thats one way of doing it. The use case I envisage is pretty simple. Lets take a single technician with a portable water quality monitor, like a YSI or something. He/She drops it into a river at Position A, records data. Then turns device off, moves to Position B, records data etc etc. Once “home” uploads the data to…[Read more]

  • Thanks @srgdamiano, this is a great way to display the data and I think my application is simpler than that. In principle, I want to create “spot” checks of sampled data similar to what has been done for decades with water quality monitors from YSI, Horiba, OTT etc but map them on a GIS system.
    This means, the _device_ moves around (as it is…[Read more]

  • Thanks @ensign and @srgdamiano, for your reply. Scott, I saw a write up of your floating buoy some time ago and really wanted to find out what happened to it. That was cool stuff!

    My project is a little lengthy to explain but I would love your input – I’ll call next week if that is ok with you. Can you pm me a good time/number to call?

    Many thanks!

  • Thanks @Sara,
    I was aware of the floating sensors, I didn’t know they connected to a GIS and the company listed doesn’t seem to exist anymore. That was a very cool project though, do you have more information?

    The trajectory approach you explain above appears indeed a little “cludgey”, I appreciate your explanation but was wondering why this…[Read more]

  • Hi Guys, brand new here, so apologies for redundant questions etc.

    I am in the process of building a mobile sensor platform, i.e. one that can be thrown into a daypack on a hike or floats behind a kayak. It has all the usual measurements (temp, turb, salinity etc) but I wonder if people have done this before in this community.

    Specifically,…[Read more]

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