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  • Masahiro Hayashi posted an update in the group Sensor Developers 4 years, 6 months ago

    Hi All,

    I am developing with Yosemitech water quality probes.
    However, I have been having trouble contacting Yosemitech
    since last week (December 16, 2019).
    I’m worried that Yosemitech may have shut down.
    Has anyone contacted Yosemitech last week?

    The product page(DO Probe) of Yosemitech is not displayed.

    I would be glad if I could get the information.

    • I have looked several times since you posted this, and was pleased to see that the Yosemitech pages appear to be live again now.

      • Thank you for your reply!
        I have confirmed that I can access the Yosemitech page. I also contacted a Yosemitech representative and it was said that the site was being renewed.