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  • ggraves replied to the topic Atlas Scientific Logger – Sleep between readings in the forum Mayfly Data Logger 1 year, 6 months ago

    Thanks for troubleshooting the code. Looking at it more…It works with one sensor but not with both on the same I2C hub. It seems that there is a problem when both grounds are connected to the hub with the sleep/RTC pin. I have tried multiple hubs/cables to no avail. Starting to think it is a conflict with one of the sleep functions/libraries because I can run 2 sensors on this hub just fine if I don’t have the sleep code.

    • @shicks I ended up just going with UART and software serial for now and it works great. I couldn’t get past the interference through the I2C. It seems that for some reason having both sensors on isolated carrier boards plugged into an I2C hub caused interference. As soon as you unplug one of them the other one turns on and the Mayfly functions as it should. I would be curious to know if there’s a known interference workaround because I know that for Modular Sensors library it’s built on I2C- I was having the same issues there trying that code as well….