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Uploading Data to MMW

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      Jake Lemon

        Hi All,

        I’m uploading data to MMW and wanted to share some observations.

        1. Larger files will not upload successfully. It seems like the sweet spot is 11-13 days of 5-minute interval data for CTD/Turb Mayfly Configurations.
        2. The data is sometimes visible on Time Series Analyst after upload and sometimes it is not. I can’t figure out what factors are driving whether the data makes it to Time Series Analyst.
        3. The data is present when you download data for the site.

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        Jim Moore

          Apparently TSA does not fill in for data gaps and only displays the most recent data.  I have had this problem when trying to fill in data gaps for SL150 when it was not communicating with the mother ship (MonMW).  These issues has been posted on github.  See issue 430 and 443

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