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      Jake Lemon

        Hi All. Is it possible to transfer ownership of an MMW site to another user?

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        Heather Brooks

          Thanks for asking. The team at LimnoTech is working on a new hierarchical system for organizations that will allow for different levels of editing rights for multiple individuals. This will allow individuals other than the site owner/creator to manage the site. As I understand it, the target is to release this update by the end of the year. As for transferring ownership of a site outright, I’ll have to loop in @aufdenkampe in to answer that!

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          Stephen H

            We’d like to do the same, is there a way to transfer site ownership?  Thanks!

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            Shannon Hicks

              I don’t think that feature has been implemented yet, so for the time being, if you need to change ownership of a site you can email me at mayfly@envirodiy.org and I can manually change the assigned owner.

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              Stephen H

                Thank you!

            Viewing 4 reply threads
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