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Mayfly 16 bit ADC errors

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        I am learning how to use a Mayfly.  I will be using two of the 10 bit ADC’s and one 16 bit ADC to start.  My application is best met by powering with a 6AA battery pack, so I started by measur
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        Jim Moore
          Where did the calibration coefficients you used in line 31 come from?  They could be in error.  The raw value of adc0 in line 26 is a bit count and 65536 (2^16) is the maximum which would be the val
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          Shannon Hicks
            I usually leave the ADS1115 in its default gain setting (which is 0.1875 mv per bit), which is more than sufficient for most measurements.  If you do that, you can easily calculate voltage by using t
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              Finally got back to this project…

              The 6AA battery pack is wired to the “Ext 4-12V” solder pads.  The voltage divider consists of a 989K resistor soldered to the battery positive l

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