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  • Finally got back to this project…

    The 6AA battery pack is wired to the “Ext 4-12V” solder pads.  The voltage divider consists of a 989K resistor soldered to the battery positive lead, connected to a 324K resistor, which is connected to Pin 20 (GND).  The connection between the two resistors is connected to both Pins 2 and 7.  I attached a sch…[Read more]

  • I am learning how to use a Mayfly.  I will be using two of the 10 bit ADC’s and one 16 bit ADC to start.  My application is best met by powering with a 6AA battery pack, so I started by measuring the battery voltage.  I wired a voltage divider with a 1 Meg resistor in series with a 330K resistor.  The divider is connected to both Pins 2 and 7, so…[Read more]

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