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Logging interval resets every ~256 samples

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        When powering on the MayFly running a script with a Logger object, 10 samples are recorded at 2 minute intervals, regardless of what the value of loggingIntervalMinutes is. After these 10 samples, the
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        Shannon Hicks

          What sketch are you running? Is it a sample from this forum, or from our Github repo, or something you wrote?

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            Sounds like Modular Sensors Library? The original versions had 2 minute readings scheduled at the beginning of logging to make it quick/easy to see if a station was logging upon deployment. I think @s
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            Sara Damiano
              Assuming you’re using the modular sensors library, the 2 minute reading on the start-up was a feature that was supposed to help with debugging. The idea was that right after deploying a station
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