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Com Ports not connecting to logger

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      Danielle IWI

      I’m working in Arduino and cannot get two of our stations to connect.  Two com ports appear but neither work to connect the logger – the correct board is selected and we tried multiple computers and cables.

      We were able to prepare other stations on each computer so it doesn’t appear to be a driver issue.

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      If it’s a Windows device each Mayfly will be assigned a different COM port number. Maybe you knew this but that’s the best I have with what you are saying. It’s promising that they connect.

      (I mean, there’s also the is the Mayfly turned on step…)

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        Danielle IWI

        I did forget that there should be a new port number to the logger, but, yes, it is not assigning a COM port number for two of our loggers.  Is there any reason why some loggers would be able to be assigned a port while others would not?

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      We found that the USB Serial drivers did not install, this is where we found drivers –> D2XX Drivers – FTDI (ftdichip.com)


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      Shannon Hicks

      Are you using Windows or Mac for connecting to the Mayfly board?  Have you tried more than one USB cable?  Are these two unresponsive Mayfly boards brand new or are they running previously-programmed sketches?  Are there any LEDs that light up when you power the Mayfly board, either from a USB cable or a LiPo battery pack?  Is the small slide switch near the FTDI connector set to the “USB/Lipo” setting and not the “Ext” setting?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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