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Danielle IWI

  • I am using a Windows computer, we have tried multiple computers and USB cables.  The two boards are running on previously-programmed sketches (they are two of the first that we purchased from Stroud).  Lights come on the board as well as on the Sim Card piece.  The switch is set to “USB/Lipo.”

  • I did forget that there should be a new port number to the logger, but, yes, it is not assigning a COM port number for two of our loggers.  Is there any reason why some loggers would be able to be assigned a port while others would not?

  • Danielle IWI replied to the topic 504 Response Code in the forum Mayfly Data Logger 3 years ago

    Yes, the SIM cards are appearing as active on Hologram.

    We had three staff try it separately, pulling the tokens and UUIDs each time from MMW so I’m assuming their correct.  We could try another time to make sure.

  • I’m working in Arduino and cannot get two of our stations to connect.  Two com ports appear but neither work to connect the logger – the correct board is selected and we tried multiple computers and cables.

    We were able to prepare other stations on each computer so it doesn’t appear to be a driver issue.

  • I’m working on getting our 14 stations ready for deployment and had two stations give a 504 response code on Arduino and then not appear on envirodiy.org though they are saving data to the SD card:

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”> /—- Line Saved to SD Card —-/</span>

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>2021-03-24…[Read more]

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