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        I’m putting together all the parts to use a mayfly – but I’m wondering what the power 2pin connectors are. Maybe I’ve missed looking in the right places – even the starter kit doesn’t seem to have 2pin power/battery cables.
        I tried looking up the BOM to be able to find the mate, but don’t seem to find the BOM that. For an open source project I would hope the BOM is availalbe
        Is there a Bill Of Materials (BOM) for the Mafly 0.5b
        many thanks

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          Hi Neil,

          I usually use Adafruit batteries that already have JST 2-pin cables attached. Adafruit also supplies JST cables. Then I get my solar panels from Voltaic and solder a JST connector on one of their bare wire cables.

          Triple check any that you buy on Amazon because some reviewers say they aren’t the right size.

          Let me know if that doesn’t answer your question.


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            Also, @aufdenkampe has a list of the components he has compiled for his work group. It’s informal not a bill of materials, but it may help you along (it has definitely helped me): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x87AHmmCWmsgMVpbeEhw9iZm5iHPiUoJPuaUpzHsxW0/edit?usp=sharing

            Do I understand correctly that you haven’t used a Mayfly for your previous deployments?


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              HI Beth,
              many thanks for the pointers and for @aufdenkampe system level parts.
              I haven’t used the Mayfly before though I got Mayfly 0.4 and chatted with Shannon when she was in San Francisco.
              I’m building a test capability for interfacing to Keller Nanolevel depth sensor – RS485/Wingboard/Mayfly 0.5b.
              If I can juggle it, and pull together a remote monitoring of low water levels in streams using the Nanolevel I hope to share it at the 2019 Apr23rd https://www.calsalmon.org/conferences/37th-annual-salmonid-restoration-conference. It turns out low stream flow monitoring in the last 25mm of water, with diurnal temperature fluctuations and remote stream valleys, is challenging.

              again thanks for the pointers, just put out a Digikey order.

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              Anthony Aufdenkampe

                @neilh, great news! The Mafly logger is now fully open source hardware!

                The EAGLE files are now available for the Mayfly v0.5b!

                We also packaged things up nicely into official releases, https://github.com/EnviroDIY/EnviroDIY_Mayfly_Logger/releases, which we’ve made fully citable: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2572006

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