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Atlas Scientific Sensors and Carrier Board Compatibility

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        Hello All,

        I’m a beginner and am working on building a monitoring station using Atlas Scientific sensors and EZO circuits. I need to electrically isolate the circuits and connect my sensors via SMA connectors, and am looking for a carrier board that will meet these needs. I found this Whitebox Labs shield Whitebox T1 for Arduino – Whitebox Labs (whiteboxes.ch)  that is compatible with Arduino boards that looks like it will do the trick and it conveniently has SMA connectors, but I’m unsure if this is compatible with the Mayfly as far as being able to stack on top of it. Can the Mayfly board host shields that are compatible with Arduino boards?

        If it is not stackable, would there be any issues with connecting lines between the Mayfly and the shield?

        Any insight or suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.


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        Shannon Hicks

          The EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger board is unlike standard Arduino boards (like the Uno) in so many ways that there was no easy way to use the regular Arduino board pinouts on the Mayfly.  So that means accessory boards that are meant to plug into a standard Arduino board will not work.  I’m not familiar with the isolator boards used with Atlas Scientific sensors, and their website is pretty sparse on documentation, but it looks like all they need for connection to a processor/logger board is the I2C and power lines.  If that’s the case, you could just connect the appropriate lines on the Mayfly (either from the I2C grove jack or from the 2×10 header) to the right pins on the isolator board, and you’d have to securely mount the boards separately to something else since they won’t mate together, but electrically I think it would work.

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            Thanks for your help, Shannon! I appreciate it.


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            Scott Ensign

              Fiona, if you haven’t already found it, check out Adam Gold’s blog about using the Mayfly with Atlas Scientific sensors. Adam’s github has documentation about a carrier board that may involve isolation.

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                Fiona, I just joined the forum with the same question. Did the Whitebox T1 work for you (or anyone else out there)?

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