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        Hi All,

        I have everything I need to build out a system using the Mayfly and Atlas Scientific sensors, but I am stuck on how to integrate the Atlas Scientific code from menu a la carte into DRWI LTE. An electrical engineering volunteer created a shield that allows us to connect four sensors on their own electrically isolated carrier boards to the system while communicating on I2C. We are using Atlas Sci EZO circuits to include pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and RTD temperature.

        Will I simply remove the code for the Campbell OBS 3 and Meter Hydros sensors and paste the code for each EZO circuit from menu a la carte in its place, and then change the “Creating Variable Array and Filling with Variable Objects” section and add my UUIDs? I am unsure what the lines for the Atlas sensors would look like in the variable list. Can anyone advise? I know @adamgold and @w3asa have worked with these sensors – any clues? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you! Fiona


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