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Jim Moore

    I am currently working on setting up an array of Low Cost EC sensor Stations in Great Marsh, N. Chester County to monitor UNTs flowing into this large wetland.  My current issues are compensating the raw sensor data to µS and ºC.  See my forum thread.

    I currently have six stations and will probably add more all using the the same operating code.  If I understand what you are proposing is that the UUIDs for each station would be in a file on the SD card which would configure the station code with the UUID for that Station 0nce it is registered on MonMW.  My stations are currently registered as GMI_*

    Do you have any plans for uploading UUIDs via the cellular network?  This would be useful if one wanted to move sensor stations to different locations where a new station would be registered on MonMW so as to create a separate dataset for that location.