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Jim Moore

    I noticed a similar issue regarding response codes when I first got my project uploading to MonMW.

    Copy of my response on another forum thread:

    Couple of questions:
    I noticed several different response codes from the server – 20x(good) 40x(eror). Yet the data uploaded successfully in both cases. Are these related to signal strength or slow response of the server?

    Data seems to be uploaded with a 2G signal of -95 dBm so what is the noise floor of the GPRSbee modems?

    In attempting to solve the missing data issue I deleted GMI_EC2 and reconfigured it and when I uploaded data with the DRWI_CitSci code it showed all four variables. I tried several months ago and that didn’t work. Can anyone explain what’s going on? Perhaps the DRWI_CitSci code has some magic incantation that I missed in my earlier attempts!