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  • Guy McCarthy posted an update in the group Data Logger Developers 4 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestions. Here’s a photo of the Data Station Mini, which accepts external sensors in the mikroBUS format (as in “Click” boards from MikroElektronika.) It’s based on a PIC32MX150 processor, with a digital temp sensor, EEPROM storage, and an efficient power circuit. There’s a AA battery holder on the back side. This is essentially a stand-alone data recorder, configured by smartphone, that stores data for retrieval at a later date.

    Current plan is to launch the DS Mini at crowdsupply.com in February. The other product I mentioned is an Arduino-style “shield” (expansion board.) It has a LoRaWAN (long range wireless) radio on board, and accepts external Grove sensors. It’s designed to work with any microcontroller base board in the Uno format, (3V or 5V.)

    These products are open-source, and programmable in Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, and MPLAB X.


    • neilh replied 4 years ago

      Hey thanks for the details. There doesn’t seem to be any picture attached.
      Just wondering what is the full version of the PIC32MX150 – how much ram and flash.
      I’m guessing a bit, but seems to me for networking with LoRaWaN the issue is how to gateway to a TCP/IP centric world. Of course Rome wasn’t built with one project either …. 🙂

      FYI, my interest is for a 12V sensor excitation voltage, a digital RS485 and an accurate 0.1% analog interface.
      The environmental standard for a low cost digital interface is for 5V sensor excitation with digital interface using the SDI-12. I was wondering was there any click sensor boards that provide these.. I looked, but not for very long.

      I have been using the commercial Onset U30 loggers, 12V excitation with analog 0.1%, and even with these, one of the real world challenges is varied powering and easy of setting up in the field.