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  • Dave posted an update in the group Data Logger Developers 5 years, 4 months ago

    Just an update on things from Dartmouth –

    On friday, we installed roughly 60 Acclima TDR sensors to monitor soil and dead wood moisture over time. We utilized 3 Mayflys in boxes, powered by lead-acid rechargable batteries and an RTC setup to do 30-minute collections. Installing this many sensors required us to utilize DIN rails instead of Grove ports and it was pretty easy to do. Questions, just let me know! Happy to chat! The next phase will be replicate plot networks and developing wireless network capability. Ideally we will use a radio mesh network approach, but that will take some testing. Some photos attached:


    • thanks for sharing. Interesting to see the pic. How are you charging the battery.
      It looks like you must have something like the TDR-315 and leave it on all the time.