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  • Hello! Anyone has experience with triggering a Teledyne Isco Water Sampler external by a Campbell Logger? It seems to be a small challenge and we are happy for any information!

    • There are several different ways to trigger an ISCO sampler with an external source.  We’ve found a few ways to do it with our Arduino-based loggers, it shouldn’t be too hard to program a Campbell logger to do the same.  One way is to connect your logger to one of the 3 Programmable I/O pins on the ISCO’s rain gauge connector.  By doing this, you can trigger up to 3 different actions using the logger by simply activating any of the 3 lines using the logger’s control ports.

      If you’re already using the RainGauge port, or if you only want one input and aren’t already using the ISCO’s FlowMeter port, you can use one of these cables:

      Instructions for how to use the 10164 cable and CRBasic programming examples are in the manual available on that page.

    • Hi there,

      Your reply has been quite helpful for me. I’m just wondering if you have any idea if the 10164 control cable would be compatible with an Adcon data logger? I’m can’t seem to find any evidence online that supports this, but your answer above leads me to believe it is possible.

      • sorry for the duplicate! can’t delete yet

        • Hi Ben. As a spam prevention measure, we hold the first comment from a newly registered user for moderation, which is why you didn’t see yours right away. I approved it and deleted your duplicate, so you should be good to go.

      • It’s possible that an Adcon unit could work with an ISCO sampler, assuming you could program the Adcon unit using the Campbell software interface guide as an example for writing your own interface. But I’m not familiar with Adcon hardware or their programming software, so I can’t say for sure either way. They probably have an interface cable you could buy or make, but I think programming the Adcon unit for specific commands would be the hard part.