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EnviroDIY Monitoring Station Manual

The EnviroDIY team created this manual to help you build, program, and install an EnviroDIY Monitoring Station. Please leave feedback on the individual articles so that we can continue to improve the documentation.

1. Key Terms and Links

Get familiar with the key terms that will be used in the EnviroDIY Monitoring Station Manual.

2. EnviroDIY Overview

EnviroDIY is a community sharing do-it-yourself ideas for environmental science and monitoring. Learn about the vision and the goals we are working together to meet.

3. EnviroDIY Monitoring Station

An introduction to the Mayfly Data Logger, the software, and the sensors that make up an EnviroDIY Monitoring Station that measures water temperature, conductivity, depth, and turbidity.

4. Preparing the Mayfly Data Logger

Learn how to install Arduino IDE, connect a computer to a Mayfly Data Logger, install libraries, and create and install sketches.

5. Programming and Activating an EnviroDIY Monitoring Station

Learn how to upload the EnviroDIY Monitoring Station sketch, register a station on MonitorMyWatershed.org, and activate cellular service to send data.

6. Building an EnviroDIY Monitoring Station

Learn about assembling the Mayfly Data Logger and Pelican case, connecting sensors to the data logger, mounting parts, solar panels, and sensor bundle parts.

7. Installing an EnviroDIY Monitoring Station

Step through gathering installation equipment, choosing an installation location, and installing the station and staff gauge.

8. Managing a Monitoring Station

Management of the EnviroDIY Monitoring Station includes quality control practices, sensor cleaning, station maintenance, power issues, data curation, and other issues associated with keeping a monitoring station functioning properly.

9. References and Acknowledgments

View EnviroDIY Monitoring Station Manual references, authors, and funders.

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