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xBee Wifi module intermittently connecting

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        We have a working sketch for a Maxbotix Sonar to read water level in basement sumps on our campus. The sonar is getting good readings and appears to be logging to the SD card fine. However, we are finding that we only get intermittent logging to MMW via the modem. We are using a DigiXbee wifi modem that connects to a wireless network on our campus, not cellular. The Xbee has an antenna and when we have gone into debugging mode, it looks like it’s getting a good signal. We are not concerned about maximizing battery because the sensor will be wired to a 5v source and only needs the battery for emergency backup. The logger connects sometimes, but not very much, and we can’t discern a pattern. I am wondering if anyone out there has experienced this and if you have a solution. The other question I have is, if we aren’t worried about power, can we somehow set the wifi modem to stay connected, instead of going to sleep and reconnecting with every wake up? We’re using the menu_a_la_carte framework for our code. I have attached our sketch to this post.

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