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Using AltSoftSerial with Mayfly

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    Adam Gold

    I’m currently using NeoSWSerial to take water level measurements using a Maxbotix 7383 HRXL-WRLST sensor (pins: neoSSerial1Rx = 11, neoSSerial1Tx = -1), but I am interested in using AtlSoftSerial because it is more accurate. Does anyone know the Mayfly pin designations for AltSoftSerial? Is it possible to use one of the Grove ports like I am currently using with NeoSWSerial? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Sara Damiano

    With AltSoftSerial, data in to the Mayfly goes on pin 6, out from Mayfly on pin 5. It’s kind-of a pain because the Tx and Rx are broken into different Grove ports, but for something like the Maxbotix that you only need Rx for, it’s fine.

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