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Testing Data Uploads to data.envirodiy.org

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      Kevin Stokes

        I would like to deploy a sensor station and upload the data to data.envirodiy.org. I have a Mayfly datalogger and can take ultrasonic range data for water depth and temperature data and store the data on an SD card. I have a GPRSBee Rev. 6 and an activated SIM card. I am ready to register a site on data.envirodiy.org, but I would like to test the data transfer first before I actually deploy the sensor. Is there a way to set up the site and upload test data before the site goes “live?”

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        Sara Damiano

          In short, no. There’s currently no way to send “testing” data to any site and delete those points later. You can create a site that you call testing, test uploads to it, and then delete that site and create a new “real” site, but the new site will have completely new GUIDs and tokens.

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            While it’s true that there’s no “testing mode” at data.envirodiy, I do test the communication before I deploy by just setting the station up and let it start running. My last test ran for just over 2 days and one station died at 1.5 days because I didn’t have a powerful-enough battery. I was grateful to have it running for long enough to tell. I’m not worried about parsing my house plant test out of the data when I download the set for analysis. Are you using the example sketch here? https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors/tree/master/examples/logging_to_EnviroDIY

            I’ve been meaning to get an “end-user” friendly tutorial (blog) ready for that process.

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            Kevin Stokes

              Thank you Beth and Sara. We are currently using older code to simply wake up the Mayfly, take data, and write to an SD card. This has been deployed outdoors and works. I see the best way to implement the cell phone telemetry is to use code based on “logging_to_EnviroDIY” and the associated libraries. I have only had a chance to download this code a few days ago. I am not that familiar with Object Oriented Programming, but I think I can see what is going on. I will test it in the next day or two.

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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