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Status of 2G network?

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      Jim Moore

        I noticed that what appears to be a general shutdown of the 2G network in the N. Chester county area which occurred Sunday, 7/12, at 13:45 EDT.  I have 8 stations in the Great Marsh Institutes’s network.  Three of these woke up this morning but the others are still mute.

        According to Hologram it looks like 2G is on borrowed time

        Does anyone have any details on the time line for remaining 2G support?


        Does Stroud have any large scale upgrade plans?  I understand that 4G requires new modems and if so are the 2G modems I just purchased a few months ago now scrap!?  Maybe we could put in a group order for th 4G modems to at least get a quantity discount and sell the 2G modems on ebay if they have any intrinsic value.




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        Dave Bressler

          @moore, yes Stroud Center is planning to upgrade to 4G all DRWI-associated EnviroDIY stations by the end of 2021 (all 2G will be gone by end of 2020).  @Hicks is investigating current issues presently.  Stay tuned for updates.

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          Sara Damiano

            To my knowledge T-Mobile, the last remaining 2G/GSM provider in the US, is pulling the plug December 31, 2020. AT&T and Verizon shut theirs down several years ago and the coverage area from T-Mobile has been getting smaller for a while.  This is nothing new.

            Yes, to switch to 4G requires new hardware. The 4G module we are using is the Digi Xbee3 LTE-M module – which is both more expensive and more finicky than the 2G unit. I’ve never seen any bulk discounts offered on the Digi website or through any of their suppliers. We’ve been buying them in small batches as we need them. They’re usually in stock through a number of US suppliers. We’ve toyed with the idea of developing our own LTE board, but we haven’t pursued it.

            As for selling the 2G unit – if you can find a buyer, that’s certainly better than trashing them. The death of 2G is imminent in the US (and I think Canada) but it’s not gone globally.

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            Shannon Hicks

              T-mobile is the only provider of 2G service that works with the GPRSbee modules that many people are using with the Mayfly, including about 40 stations managed by Stroud. T-Mobile plans to deactivate the network by the end of 2020, so anyone wishing to modernize their Mayfly’s cell technology will need to replace the GPRSbee with a 4G LTE board. We currently use the Digi Xbee LTE boards, which are available for purchase from a variety of online electronics distributors. There are no discounts for purchasing large quantities, so there’s no point in doing a group-buy. Since you paid for your stations and own your old 2G board, it’s up to you what you do with it. But we’ve had many of them fail after a few years of use, so they might be getting towards the end of the lifespan anyway, so I would be hesitant to pass used ones on to someone else.

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