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Staff gauges

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        Dear all,

        I have been running Mayfly successful for several months now for water level measurment (Maxbotix). Very nice platform! Recently, I installed one in the field. Anyone can advise me a method for making a “DIY staff gauge” for instaling besides my sensor? I want to learn to make them myself so I can customize the marking, and, I want to avoid import taxes and shipping costs (I unfortunately live in Paraguay, so no local providers).

        From online research, I understand that most staff gauges are “porcelain”, so not an DIY option for me (Guess I would need a BIG oven). Other possible materiales are:
        • Fiberglass encapsulation
        • Stainless steel
        • PVC
        • Aluminum / die-bond backed
        • Lexan or Polycarbonte coated Mylar
        To make the staff itself, I dont see much as a problem, but how to make marking so it will last in the water and UV, that seems to be the challenge. Anyone any suggestions or links of interest?

        Thanks in advance…

        With friendly greetings,


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        Sara Damiano

          We’ve bought these ones from Oregon Rule: https://oregonrule.com/product/superior-staff-gauges/ They don’t rust like the WaterMark ones eventually do. And, at least in the US, they’re cheaper.

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