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SD Data Recording

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        Hi all,

        I am trying to log data from a conductivity sensor to the SD card, for some reason it is not working. here is my code (I try to use code snippet but I could not make it look like how it suppose to be, I will try again when I am not too busy):

        #include <Arduino.h>
        #include <math.h>
        #include <Wire.h>
        #include <SD.h>
        #include <SPI.h>

        //Digital pin 12 is the MicroSD slave select pin on the Mayfly
        #define SD_SS_PIN 12

        //The data log file
        #define FILE_NAME “Conductivity.txt”

        //Data header (these lines get written to the beginning of a file when it’s created)
        #define LOGGERNAME “Mayfly microSD Card Tester”
        #define DATA_HEADER “Conductivity.txt”

        int pin12 = 12;
        File Conductivity1;
        int volta;
        float Division;

        void setup()
        Division = 0.0048875;
        if (SD.begin(SD_SS_PIN))
        Serial.println(“SD card on”);
        Serial.println(“SD card activation failed”);

        void loop()

        volta = analogRead(A3);
        float voltage = (volta)*(Division);
        File Conductivity1 = SD.open(“Conductivity.txt”,FILE_WRITE);
        Serial.println(“Conductivity = “);
        Conductivity1.println(“Conductivity = “);
        delay (1000);

        Please may everybody tell me what I am doing wrong, i would appreciate.

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        Sara Damiano

          I think

          should be

          You also should have a

          before the last delay.

          Are you using a Mayfly? Are you using the built-in microSD card slot or the vertical adapter? What output do you get?

          Did you ever get your program in your earlier thread to write to the SD card?

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            Yes, I am using Mayfly. I am using the built-in microSD card slot. My output I get the values in the serial monitor but nothings gets written into the SD card. The last question is kind of confusing to me, but what I am thinking is that you are asking me if I ever put the code of the SD card somewhere else in this code then yeah, but I still get nothing written into the card.

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            Sara Damiano

              In asking about “your other thread” I meant this: https://www.envirodiy.org/topic/sd-card-recording-data-issue/

              You need to make the modifications I mentioned above. You also need to pick a file name that is less than 8 characters, ie, “cond.txt” instead of conductivity.txt. I’d forgotten about the filename issue.

              Your new code would be:

              I still recommend you use SdFat instead of SD, which would allow you to use longer filenames and to set the file timestamps. Look at the example for that library: https://github.com/greiman/SdFat/blob/master/examples/ReadWrite/ReadWrite.ino

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                Oh… Well I decided to leave that thread for later because I wanted to focus on getting something recorded on the SD card. I see now the mistakes I did. I would change to SdFat if it makes things better, I was trying to get something to work first. The code is now working for me. Thank you very much! The Filename issue was the only thing that I did not knew.

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                Sara Damiano

                  I’d completely forgotten about the filename issue, too. It’s definitely a “gotcha” that’s hard to catch.

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