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purchasing Nitrate monitor

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        hi Everyone,


        I am new to the EnviroDIY world.  I work at a nature center and we just installed our first water monitor.  At the moment all we have is temp, depth and conductivity, but we are really after a nitrate monitor.  We share a border with a golf course that drains directly into our pond, so being able to link a flood of nitrates directly to the golf course would go a long way in our negotiations with them.


        Where would one find a nitrate sensor that is compatible with the EnviroDIY kit




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          Yeah, great question. I would love to have Nitrates, Phosphorous, Dissolved Oxygen and Ph capabilities also. I suspect that there is a calibration problem for a in stream sensor for these parameters.

          Jim Coffey


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            I’m also interested in Nitrate sensors.  I’m a HS teacher and have a grant to install a greenhouse.  I am wanting to set up an aquaponics system to grow starts for an area we are reclaiming into native grasslands, a a rain garden, and pollinator garden we have started at my school.  I’d love to get some nutrient monitoring for the water quality of the system for my own management of the system and also for my students to work with.  I see temp, turbidity, and salinity monitors very standard, but I would also really like Nitrate and Ammonia monitors.

            Thank you!

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