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  • Yeah, great question. I would love to have Nitrates, Phosphorous, Dissolved Oxygen and Ph capabilities also. I suspect that there is a calibration problem for a in stream sensor for these parameters.

    Jim Coffey


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    Hope your holidays went well. We are looking to purchase materials to engage our technology students with the task of building a Mayfly Logger Station. Could you possibly provide us with a parts/components list of what we need to purchase? We would like to begin with the Spring Semester this year.
    Thanks, Jim Coffey Upper Perk HS 267-733-7153

  • Upper Perk HS is getting ready to purchase a complete Mayfly Logger and Decagon CTD Sensor with complete accessories to begin a single station in the Upper Perk Watershed. We have some questions about cost? We are putting together a purchase order and we would like to make the purchase soon.


    Dan & Jim
    Upper Perk HS

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