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Problem downloading Mayfly libraries

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      Jim Moore

        I am using the Arduino 1.8.2 IDE and I am having a problem installing the Mayfly libraries. I followed the following instructions:

        The simplest way to use these libraries is to right-click on the file “libraries.zip”, select “save link as”, and save the file somewhere on your computer. In your the Arduino Software (IDE), import that zip file following the instructions for “Manual Installation” from https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Libraries. To update the libraries, you will need to re-download the zip file and overwrite the folders.

        Please DO NOT to use the green “Clone or Download” button to try to download a zip file. The zip downloaded that way will only contain empty folders instead of the libraries themselves.

        I try to use the “add zip library…” and get error because “libraries.zip” seems to be an html file not a zip file.

        Any help on this would be apprecitated. Thanks

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        Shannon Hicks

          Depending on the browser you’re using, your save options might be worded differently in the drop down box when you right-click on a link. You could also just go directly to the library.zip file page: https://github.com/EnviroDIY/Libraries/blob/master/libraries.zip
          and then click the gray “Download” button on the lower-right side of the page. Note that this is different than using the green “Clone or Download” button on the previous page. Because our library repository is linking to submodules and not actual files, that green button doesn’t work, which is why you have to download the actual “libraries.zip” file.

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          Sara Damiano

            I’m sorry for the hassle. You also cannot use the Arduino IDE’s library manager to directly import the libraries; using “add zip library…” won’t work. You have to follow the longer instructions for manual installation because there are multiple libraries in the same zip. That is, you have to extract (unzip) the libraries.zip file into another folder on you computer and then copy all of the sub-folders into “..\<you>\DOCUMENTS\Arduino\libraries” or where ever your sketchbook libraries are stored on your computer.

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            Sara Damiano

              I tried to re-word the instructions on GitHub a little and get the link to the zip right so maybe it’s a little less confusing.

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