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Multiple pins at one site in MMW

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      Matt Barney


        I am seeing multiple pins displayed on the map at one location for one of our sites. When I browse sites on MMW and search for ‘Coldwatermorse’, the map zooms to the proper site, but when you click the pin, it expands into 4 or 5 pins. No matter which of those you click, it displays the same site (same Site Code, Site Name, etc.). There should only be one pin there, but for some reason, it expands as if there were multiple sites defined with the same location.

        On the other hand, if I go to My Sites and navigate to the Coldwatermorse site, the map displays one pin, as expected.


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        Heather Brooks

          Hi Matt,
          I just checked and this issue was reported for multiple sites (including Coldwatermorse) in September and confirmed in October. GitHub is the best way to get Monitor My Watershed issues in front of the development team. If you have a GitHub account, feel free to add to the issue thread. Thanks!

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          Matt Barney

            Will do – thank you.


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            Sara Damiano

              Yeah, it’s a known issue.

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              Jim Moore

                A bigger issues is MonMW was off the air when I checked last night. There were no Sparkline plots and TSA was dead.

                Does anybody know whats going on?

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                Matt Barney

                  Hi Jim,

                  We noticed that Friday morning as well. Another user has reported the problem on Github, but I have not seen a response yet.


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