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Modular Sensors wifi connection on university (or similar) network

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        Has anyone connected to a wifi network that requires user credentials to log in? The current modular sketch for wifi (I’m using Digi XBee® Wi-Fi S6B) has options for the name of your wifi access point and the access point password.

        const char* wifiId = “…”; // WiFi access point name
        const char* wifiPwd = “…”; // WiFi password (WPA2)

        But at a university (or similar network) I have the name of the university wifi network, my username, and my password to access the network. (With loads of security business that is beyond my desire to learn.) Even our visitor wifi requires individual credentials.

        Has anyone modified Modular Sensors to connect to this sort of network wifi? Is this a possible (and reasonable) modification? (Again those security things that are beyond my desire to learn might be too thick of a complication.)


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        Sara Damiano

          I’m not sure if it’s possible – or if it is, it’s not going to be easy.  When you log in with your phone or your computer, you go through a series of browser pages where you submit form data with your credentials, etc.  I would guess that you’d have to manually figure out what the URL for each of those pages is and manually create each of the proper submissions to each page and then follow the redirects from each to get to the next page.  There’s nothing I know of built into the firmware for the S6B to handle that sort of stepping through.  The ESP8266’s “AT” firmware that ModularSensors uses couldn’t handle it either.

          I’d suggest creating a hot-spot from your phone or laptop and then connecting your S6B/mayfly to that.

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            I know my local Sonoma State University is against devices connecting to the network. They even gone as far as removing all  ethernet sockets. As part of the local engineering capstone project using LoRa the students went off campus for testing, as the LoRa gateway needed to connect to a WiFi network

            The simple answer for WiFi is what Sara described.

            Because of the wider security concerns for IP based systems, there is a whole lot of technical initiatives  to manage admittance to larger local networks – so security is likely to get more proscribed.

            Just an FYI, even if you got WiFi connecting, I’m still having reliability issues with the Modular Sensors S6B WiFi interface. https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors/issues/347


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              I had a hunch that it was a no-go, but I thought I’d ask. I’ll just log to the SD card for in-lab monitoring. And for workshops we will use hotspots.


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