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Minor Glitch Reading Maxbotix MB7389 with Mayfly

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    Kevin Stokes

    We have deployed a water depth station using a Maxbotix MB 7389 ultrasonic sensor with a Mayfly datalogger. It is dutifully reading the sensors every 11 minutes and uploading the data to data.enviroDIY.org. We are using “Logging_to_EnviroDIY,” modified for our sensors. The data site is Paulding County High School Retention Pond (PCHS_POND), in northwest Georgia. Every few data points the reading from the MB7389 is 7389 or 738. Looking at the code in MaxBotixSonar.cpp, it appears that this might be part of the sensor model number which is one of the six header lines reported by the sensor when it is powered up. Any ideas about whether or not my guess is correct and how to fix it, would be appreciated. I am thinking about simply adding a condition to the existing bad data trapping “if” statement to ignore 7389 or 738 and retake the data point.

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