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Mayfly Monitoring from Mountains to Estuary

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        Hi all,

        I am planning to deploy a network of Mayfly stations to better understand where and when contaminants are mobilised within a catchment. I am working on a base set of sensors that consists of a decagon CTD, and a turbidity sensor (probably YOSEMITECH).

        The catchment feeds into a highly valued estuary which has become degraded due to excessive land use. The community group that I am working with would like a monitoring ‘buoy’ in the estuary to couple with the Mayfly catchment network that I am proposing.

        I figure that I could easily provide a Mayfly solution to the monitoring buoy, which is likely to be cheaper and allow for more monitoring locations. My plans are to hammer a long pole into the estuary bed and attach a Mayfly station.

        Has anyone attempted anything like this before?

        Are there any thoughts on a sensor set-up to track fluxes from the catchment? Obviously conductivity is not going to be that useful due to salinity, so I might need additional parameters.

        Any other advice?

        Thanks for your time.


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