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MayFly Data Logger During Winter

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        Out of curiosity, people who use the Mayfly data loggers, how frequently do you take down the station (or take out the sensors) during the winter to prevent damage to the sensors? Or if there are any
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          I’m in south central PA and haven’t taken the probes out of the water for the winter.  It seems like that would defeat the purpose of monitoring conductivity spikes from road salt &#

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          Dave Bressler
            If your sensor is in water that is deep enough so that ice doesn’t form around the sensor itself then you should be ok.  If ice forms around a sensor itself that can be a problem.  The Meter G
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            Shannon Hicks
              When we scout an area for a potential CTD sensor installation, one of the top deciding factors is whether that portion of the stream will freeze during extremely cold weather.  Almost all of our sens
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