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Mayfly and Maxbotix MB7386 Range Issue

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      Scott Murrison

        Hello all,

        I am still trying to get a water level sensor together. I got the code, radios, and Ethernet connection all working. I am able to get the data posted to a MySQL database. Now I am having range issues. The MB7386 should detect objects about 30 feet away. The most I am able to get is 15 feet to a cinder block wall. I am using the v0.3 mayfly, supplying 4.3 volts to the board. I have contacted Maxbotix. They recommended trying different objects. I did that, but still no luck. The readings I am getting are accurate, so it isn’t a units issue in the code. I’m reading everything in mm. This is what the sensor outputs.

        Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Any chance it’s the 5 meter model? From what I’ve seen it’s not possible to tell the difference from the housing. (I’d love to be corrected and learn how to tell if I have that wrong.)


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          Scott Murrison

            I thought about that too. I’m not sure if there is a way to check. The model number says it is supposed to be a 10 meter sensor. And the reading shows 9999 when the object is out of range. This is typical of the 10 meter models. I believe the 5 meter models show 4999 when out of range. Maxbotix isn’t sure what the problem is. They sent me an RMA to send it in and have it evaluated. Hopefully doing so finds the issue.

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