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Mayfly 1.0, USB C not connecting on Ubuntu 22.04?

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      Stephen H

        Hey newbie here, just starting out with the Mayfly board.  Trying to connect to a board that doesn’t seem to be sending.  I’m using the Arduino IDE, serial port monitor.  But using lsusb, I’m not seeing the cp210x connection.  Using an TTGO board, I do see the cp210x connection.  This board was in the field, I never tried to connect to it before, so don’t know the baseline behavior?  Any suggestions on the line end, and default baud?  Using the older 0.5b Mayfly board I’m getting text but it seems to be garbled(port settings wrong?).  Thanks!

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        Stephen H

          Was able to get serial port monitor working on Ubuntu 22.04.

          1. remove brltty package, it’s for console braille communications.
            sudo apt remove brltty
            sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove
          2. disable modemmanager package, I used the instructions on this page

          Both of these hijack the communications for the usb ports, so you’re unable to see them.

          The serial monitor settings are “Newline” and 57600 baud.

          Hope this helps.

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