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ISE Nitrate Electrodes for continuous in-stream monitoring

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        Does anyone have any experience with the ISE nitrate electrodes for continuous monitoring directly in a stream? These appear to be the only “affordable” option for nitrate monitoring. The manufacturers’ literature seem to indicate that these may have a short lifetime before replacing the modules. However, there was a paper for work done in Portugal a few years ago in which an electrode gave results comparable to the lab for the duration of the 40 day test. With periodic (frequent?) calibration via comparison to lab results for testing of stream samples, could these give useful data?

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          Hi Marion,
          I don’t have any experience, and it would be great if you share what you find here.

          This is a topic the EPA is sponsoring – with a target of unattended for 3 months –

          And they have a short list

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          Davey Jones

            Hi all
            We have been measuring nitrate in agricultural soils with ISEs. I attach a talk I gave recently which demonstrates the main goals. This is a work in progress!

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