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Installation in Soft Substrate/Docks and Buoys

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        Hi All,

        We are in an area that experiences a 5-6 foot tidal range, and many of our sites are composed of salt marsh with soft, muddy substrate. Has anyone had any issues using the suggested rebar installation in this type of environment? I’d like to avoid the possibility of sediment burying our sensor setup and was curious if anyone had more details or experience with attaching sensors to a buoy. I’m also looking at the possibility of attaching the logger box to a dock (which I think can be achieved with hose clamps) and wondered if anyone had experience attaching sensors to a dock as well (possibly some kind of PVC setup?).

        Any insight on your methods is much appreciated.

        Thank you!


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        Shannon Hicks

          We’ve installed several stations in tidal areas by attaching the sensor to a custom apparatus mounted to docks or piers.  What kind of sensors are you planning to install?

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            Hi Shannon,

            We’re working with Atlas Scientific sensors. Our final set up will include three sensors – pH/temperature, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity.

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              Fiona, I am using a system I designed to suspend my CTD sensor one foot above the bottom of a pond by attaching the sensor to a float which is anchored to a concrete block (see attached photo).

              If you have a mending plate on the back of your logger box you can use a long hose clamp to attach it to the dock.

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